AFI Showcase Softer Side on New Song, ‘Caught’


AFI promo photo, featuring Davey Havok, Jade Puget, Adam Carson and Hunter Burgan.

AFI – Story by Cat Badra, photo by Jacob Boll

California alternative rockers AFI have released a new song, “Caught,” showing off their romantic side

AFI recently released a new album, “Bodies,” but the alternative rockers are already back on the scene with new music. Davey Havok and the crew have unleashed a new song, “Caught,” which is available on all digital platforms.

AFI recorded the new song during the “Bodies” sessions, but it didn’t make the album. As Havok describes, “We were really happy with ‘Caught’ and planned for it to be on the ‘Bodies’ album. We ended up cutting it at the last minute to allow for a better album flow, but still really loved the song.

“Caught” shows off the romantic side of AFI, as its a soft, love ballad of shorts with Havok singing of holding a significant other and sharing kisses. The final line brings AFI’s usual dark themes into play, with Havok exclaiming, “Hold my last breath that I left with you, my light, that I ever miss.”

AFI drummer Adam Carson says that even though he didn’t play on the track, it’s a special song to him. “Even though I didn’t play on it at all, I felt that it was a really good song and would be important on the record,” Carson said. “I was crushed when it didn’t make the cut, so I’m happy we are releasing it now.”

AFI debuted the single during the recent premieres of the short film “Where We Used to Meet,” by director Kes Glozier. The storyline of the movie was inspired by the lyrics of AFI’s “Bodies.”

In other news, AFI recently a cross-country U.S. for 2022. The tour, which brings along Cold Cave as the opening act, sets off Feb. 11 in San Diego, California, and runs through a two-date stint at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium on March 25 and 26. The band will perform tracks off “Bodies,” which came out in June, as well as songs encompassing their career. Find tour dates via AFI’s website.

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