Def Leppard Debut Online Museum with an Archive of Photos, Interviews and More


Def Leppard has launched a virtual museum, "The Def Leppard Vault," featuring an archive that will continue to grow with interviews, photographs, videos and more.

Story by Charles Ken, photo by Anne Erickson

Def Leppard has launched “The Def Leppard Vault,” offering an archive that will continue to grow with historical content such as interviews, photographs, videos and more

Def Leppard has debuted a virtual museum, “The Def Leppard Vault,” with the goal to “pull back the curtain” on the band’s rise to rock stardom. The museum offers an all-encompassing online spot where fans can view exclusive and rare photos, Def Leppard artifacts, videos, interviews, commentary, merchandise and other band goodies.

The website,, promises to be updated on a regular basis with fresh content honoring Def Leppard from the past, present and future. Band members will also put their personal stamp on the website by adding more of their personal content as time progresses.

Def Leppard’s band members, according to a statement, used their downtime during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to look through their basements, garages, closets, attics and storage units to find never-before-seen Def Leppard items. Now, those items are being housed in the online vault in an effort to chronicle the band’s lengthy career.

The website’s initial collections include “On The Road,” featuring photos, historical instruments, backstage passes and tour itineraries. “Jacket Required” looks at Def Leppard’s fashion history, with jackets and stage attire from the outfit’s personal collection. “All I’ve Got Is a Photograph” offers photography and promotional images. The site also features a retrospective, track-by-track in honor of the 25th anniversary of Def Leppard’s first greatest hits album, “Vault,” with audio and video commentary from band members.

“After months of digging through our personal rock and roll closets (and warehouses, no less!), we present you our history!” Joe Elliott said in a statement. “Our historic vault will continually be updated with installments you may have seen with some gems I promise you’ve never heard or seen! It’s a true backstage pass for any Def Leppard or rock and roll fan! Please…step inside and walk this way!”

In addition to the virtual presentation, “The Def Leppard Vault” offers limited-edition reproductions of specific artifacts from the group’s history for sale. To view the vault, visit



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