Blink-182 New Album Update: We’re ‘About 60% Through,’ Says Travis Barker


Travis Barker of Blink-182 performing live, rocking out on a red and white drum kit.

Travis Barker of Blink-182 – Story by Cat Badra, photo by Ken Settle

Travis Barker says Blink-182 are “about 60% through” writing their new album, which will mark their follow-up to 2019’s “Nine”

Blink-182 have been toiling away on a new album, and the band is “about 60% through,” according to Travis Barker. The drummer elaborated on the new music during an appearance on Spotify’s Rock This podcast with Allison Hagendorf, adding that the new set will offer high-profile collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Grimes and Lil Uzi Vert.

“There’s a lot of cool stuff,” Barker said of the new Blink-182 album. “There’s a song with Grimes right now that’s really, really cool that I love. There’s a song with Uzi that’s really, really cool that we did with Pharrell.”

When asked about the Uzi collaboration, Barker called it a “punk, kind of like reggae feeling song.” Blink-182 has always tip-toed between alternative rock and pop, so it sounds like this album will continue with that blurred line.

“It’s not like Blink’s making a rap song or anything,” Barker assured of the new song. “It’s, like, bringing Uzi over to our world.”

The upcoming album will mark Blink-182’s follow-up to 2019’s “Nine.” The band’s current lineup features Barker, vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus and vocalist and guitarist Matt Skiba.

In other news, Barker has been in the news as of late thanks to his blossoming romance with Kourtney Kardashian. The two have reportedly been friends for years, and earlier this month, Kardashian took to Instagram to confirm that the couple is dating with a photo of her and Barker holding hands in the car. Earlier this year, the two shared photos shot at Kris Jenner’s Palm Springs vacation home, adding to the rumors that they were an item. Musically, Barker has kept busy collaborating with artists such as Machine Gun Kelly and Trippie Redd on new music.

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