Halestorm Return with Fiery New Song, ‘Back from the Dead’


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Halestorm – Story by Anne Erickson, courtesy photo via Atom Splitter PR

Listen to Halestorm’s new, fiery song, “Back from the Dead”

Lzzy Hale and the Halestorm crew are back with a new song, “Back from the Dead,” and a dramatic music video to go with it. The track is the first single off the band’s upcoming studio album, which is expected to arrive in 2022. Listen to the song below.

“‘Back From the Dead’ is about survival, not in a physical sense, even though I know we all have been touched by death especially these last few years,” Halestorm vocalist Lzzy Hale said in a statement. “This song is personal and written from a mental health perspective. I wanted to give myself and the world a hard rock song we could shout out loud as the gates opened again.”

She added, “I was on the edge of this world getting completely lost in oblivion, but even though it was the harder of two choices, I didn’t just let the darkness and depression in my mind dig me an early grave. I didn’t just sit and let it take me. I’ve erased my name from my headstone, so save your prayers, I’m back! I hope this song, as I pass it on to you, reminds YOU of your strength individually and that you are not alone.”

The song showcases Hale’s strong vocals, as she croons, “I’m back from the dead” in the song’s intro with force and might. The music video for the tune, directed by Dustin Haney, depicts Hale and the rest of the band going from death to live as the video dramatically unfolds.

Halestorm’s upcoming studio album will mark their follow-up to 2018’s “Vicious.” In addition to the new music, the band is also slated to perform at a collection of music festivals this fall. They’ll also hit the road with Evanescence for a co-headlining tour this winter, kicking off Nov. 5 and running through Dec. 18.



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