Disturbed Aiming for Fall 2022 Release for New Album


Disturbed at Soaring Eagle in Michigan.

Disturbed Vocalist David Draiman – Story by Cat Badra, photo by Anne Erickson

David Draiman from Disturbed says the band’s upcoming new album will sound like “old school Disturbed”

If a band is lucky enough to survive for several years, even decades, chances are, that band’s music is going to change over time. Sometimes, artists even go in a completely different directed than they started out, confusing some fans while pleasing others with their creativity.

When it comes to the upcoming studio album from hard rockers Disturbed, longtime fans don’t have to worry about any left turns. Disturbed frontman David Draiman says the album is very nostalgic and has the style like “old school Disturbed.”

“Well, it’s angsty, that’s for sure. It’s aggressive, it’s rhythmic, it’s anthemic — it’s old school Disturbed,” Draiman said during a recent appearance on Loudwire Nights. “If I had to target it, it’s somewhere between ‘The Sickness’ and ‘Ten Thousand Fists.’ It’s in that realm, and it was really, really nice going back there. We’re just digging the shit out of it right now.”

So, what about the lyrical content of the new music? Draiman says it’s a bit too early to tell what directed that will veer, since “nothing has yet been finalized lyrically.” He did, however, specify that he hopes to bring on other artists to collaborate on the album, which is something Disturbed hasn’t done in the past.

Currently, the guys of Disturbed are shooting for a fall 2022 release. “We’re gonna hopefully start tracking right after the New Year, and feeling the way that it’s feeling, it’s not gonna take long,” he said.

The upcoming album will mark Disturbed’s eighth studio record and their latest since 2018’s “Evolution.” Draiman also does a guest appearance on a new solo track from Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss on “Dead Inside.”



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