Michigan is Home to One of the Best Record Stores in America


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Local Music Beat: This week’s column discusses a Michigan shop that was recently ranked one of the best in the entire country

In this week’s local column, we’re talking about something every music lover enjoys: a trip to the local record shop. In Michigan, we have a wide range of great stores. One of those has actually been voted one of the best record stores in America.

There’s something special and unique about spending time at a local record shop. It’s almost like a “Cheers”-type environment, where “Everyone knows your name.” Shoppers and staffers bond of their passion for all things music. It’s a retro experience that shopping online just can’t fulfill.

First of all, it’s worth noting that Michigan has a plethora of solid record shops. If you’re in mid-Michigan, Flat, Black and Circular is a longstanding favorite. The shop has been on the campus of Michigan State University for decades and stands out, both because of its cozy feel and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Another mid-Michigan spot is The Record Lounge, which often hosts live music, to boot.

Now, Spin Magazine recently released its list of the 10 Greatest Record Stores in America. On that list is Dearborn Music in Detroit.

“This one’s another oldie, but goodie, having been in business since 1956,” the magazine states. “Open seven days a week, Dearborn is a packed shop, boasting over 50,000 titles in stock. Beyond the killer finds, they, too, have excellent merch, like game night fodder, branded totes, or knitted headgear because Michigan can get really, really cold.

Spin’s list also features nine other shops from major markets, including Sonic Boom Records in Seattle; Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas; Grand Avenue Records in Phoenix, Arizona; Vinyl Tap in Nashville, Tennessee; Long in the Tooth in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Amoeba Music in Hollywood, California; The Electric Fetus in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Music Millennium in Portland, Oregon; and Reckless Records in Chicago, Illinois. View the magazine’s full list here.

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