Kiss Aren’t Really Saying Farewell, Paul Stanley Says


Kiss performing at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

Kiss – Story by Cat Badra, photo by Ken Settle

Are the members of Kiss really saying farewell on their final tour? Paul Stanley says no

Kiss have been known for doing “farewell” tours that turn out to be, well, not farewell tours. Now, Paul Stanley is indicating that even though Kiss have been on a goodbye tour for a several years, they’re not really saying goodbye to their fans.

Speaking with Ultimate Classic Rock, Stanley says that even thought the band continues to be on its End of the Road final tour, they have plenty of things up ahead for fans, even after that run.

“Kiss is like an army or a sports team,” Stanley said. “When the MVP is no longer playing or retired, the team doesn’t call it quits. On a battlefield, an army, when they lose soldiers, doesn’t wave the white flag. Somebody else picks up the weapon and runs forward. So in one form or another, I believe there will always be a Kiss.”

He continued, “I didn’t invent the wheel. I may have polished it a bit, but what am I, except a combination of all of the people who inspired me? When I added my individuality to it, it became essentially what people know as Paul Stanley. But to believe that I’m the only person who can do that is a bit self-centered and egocentric. Is there somebody else out there who could pick up and wave the flag? Absolutely. I’m not saying there should be a copy of me. I’m not a copy of anybody else. But I’m certainly a combination of many people that inspired me.”

When asked about the status of Kiss and if this is truly the “end of the road,” Stanley said it’s not. “We’re far from done,” he explained. “I’d like to say that this is the end of the road, but they keep paving more road. The only people that seems to bother are the people who hate us. Quite honestly, they’ve never mattered and they still don’t. The people who want to see us are thrilled. The people who wish we’d go away are going to have to wait. And in one form or another, we’re never gonna go.”

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