Fans Can’t Get Enough of Margot Robbie Saying She’s a Slipknot Fan


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Margot Robbie is a fan of heavy metal, and she’s not going to back away from it

It’s well-known that Margot Robbie is a fan of heavy metal. She’s mentioned it countless times over the years, especially her affection for bands such as Slipknot and Bullet for My Valentine. But, for whatever reason, that seems to surprise some of her fans and colleagues.

While guesting on a talk-show with fellow actress Cate Blanchett, Ms. Blanchett seemed to mock the music genre. During the appearance, which was on “The Graham Norton Show,” Robbie was asked by the host if she ever went through a goth phase.

“Don’t know if I was full goth,” Robbie said. “Very emo, though. And I listened to, like, only heavy metal music. And I would dye my hair black, and only cut it with a razor blade.”

Blanchett then said, “Does anyone like heavy metal music? Was that something you genuinely liked?”

“I still genuinely like it,” Robbie replied. Then, Blanchett mockingly asked, “Do you like monster trucks and things like that?”

Robbie then talked about seeing a Slipknot concert during her days on the Australian soap opera “Neighbours.” As she explained, “I remember going to the Slipknot concert … at the time I was on ‘Neighbours.’ I have never had more people come up to me ever than at a Slipknot concert. The crossover between … it wasn’t monster trucks and Slipknot. It was ‘Neighbours’ and Slipknot … They were so invested in ‘Neighbors’ and Slipknot.”

Robbie then said, “So, yeah, I genuinely love that type of music.” Blanchett added, “So, it’s family listening?”

We’re not sure why there’s such resentment for metal from Blanchett in this interview. Perhaps it’s not about the genre at all. Maybe, since Robbie and Blanchett are currently competing against each other at different awards shows, this is Blanchett’s way to trying to get more votes for her. It’s probably working the other way. Watch the exchange in the video below.

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