Final Soundgarden Songs to Be Released


Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden – Photo by Ken Settle / Story by Anne Erickson

Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell are reconciling and releasing the band’s final recordings

Soundgarden and the estate of the late Chris Cornell have come to an “amicable out-of-court resolution” on their lawsuits. This move ends the legal dispute between the band and Cornell’s estate, headed up by his widow Vicky Cornell.

The arrangement means Chris Cornell’s final recordings with Soundgarden will finally see the light of day. Yes, that means new Soundgarden songs are coming. Both Soundgarden and Chris Cornell social media pages released a joint statement on Monday (April 17) to break the news.

“Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell, on behalf of the Estate of Chris Cornell, are happy to announce they have reached an amicable out of court resolution,” they say. “The reconciliation marks a new partnership between the two parties, which will allow Soundgarden fans around the world to hear the final songs that the band and Chris were working on.”

The statement continues, “The two parties are united and coming together to propel, honor and build upon Soundgarden’s incredible legacy as well as Chris’s indelible mark on music history – as one of the greatest songwriters and vocalists of all time.”

For fans who have been yearning to hear new music from the late Cornell are likely welcoming this news. Things got nasty for a while. Vicky sued the member of Soundgarden in December 2019, saying they falsely claimed ownership of seven unreleased songs. She also said they were withholding royalties from her. Then, a countersuit followed, which the members of Soundgarden filed against Vicky in May 2020. The countersuit dealt with unreleased recordings and the status of the band’s social media channels. They also claimed that Vicky used charity concert proceeds for “personal purposes.”

The story doesn’t end there. Again, Vicky sued Soundgarden again in February 2021 over a buyout price for Chris’ share of the group.

All the drama appears to be somewhat behind Soundgarden and Vicky, as they look ahead to finally releasing these final songs.

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