Gus G, Interview: Talking Firewind, Metallica, Pantera and More



Firewind and Gus G interview – Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Tim Tronckoe

Gus G, interview: The Firewind lead guitarist talks about the band’s 20-year history and more

Greece power metal band Firewind recently passed their 20th anniversary as a band. Now, they’re honoring that anniversary a special way. Gus G and company will released a new, live album and Blu-ray called “Still Raging” on Sept. 1 via AFM Records. Moreover, the release follows their self-titled record in 2020.

Speaking with Audio Ink Radio in a new interview, Firewind leader Gus G says he’s somewhat surprised that 20 years have passed since the band’s first shows. At the same time, when he looks back on what Firewind has done as a band, it makes sense.

“Time goes by fast. That is true in many ways, but if you sit down for a minute and think about it all the things that have happened all these years, a lot of things have happened,” Gus G says. “You realize, yeah, I see now. We have done a lot of things over the past 20 years. There were good times and bad times. Like with anything when there’s a career involved, there are ups and down for any artist. I think time goes by fast in a way, but at the same time, we have released nine albums. That’s a lot of music. So, it kind of makes sense. The more I think about it, you’re like, now I see.”

Gus G, Interview:

When asked about the Pantera reunion, Gus G is all about it. “Yeah. That has been the biggest news in metal the past year or this year,” he says. “What my thoughts are? I think it’s great that they’ve done this and they’re bringing Pantera music to either the younger generation or people that never got a chance to see them even back in the day. I never got to see Pantera back in the day. So, I definitely will go to a show if I have the opportunity.”

As for having Zakk Wylde filling in for the late, great Dimebag, Gus G says, “Yes. Absolutely. That’s the perfect lineup to go out and do that. Obviously, Zakk had a really great relationship with Dimebag. They were really close. In my mind, and I think in pretty much every fan’s mind out there, that was the right choice and the only choice. The only guy who could step in and do it justice. And all the videos I’ve seen, they sound slamming. They sound killer, and it’s a great show. I love the lights, the pyro and all the stuff they have. It’s a big rock show. It’s great.”

Switching gears to another big topic in the metal community right now, Metallica, we asked Gus G is Metallica is the biggest metal band in the world. “Yeah, they are,” he says. “Yeah. I mean, they’re playing baseball stadiums or football stadiums. Whenever Metallica does something, it’s the biggest news, right? And, whenever they put out an album, it’s a big event. I listened to the album. I have to say, I didn’t get into all the songs, but I really love the first single they put out, ‘Lux Æterna.’ That was a killer song.”

He adds, “Also, I loved all the visuals they did. It was very different from what’s out there, which was very cool. Their stage production is also something I’ve not seen. They have this circle. It’s not like the standard stage where you have the band in the corner on one side of the venue. They’re set up in the middle.”

Watch Gus G of Firewind’s full interview with Audio Ink Radio above. For more on Firewind, visit the band’s official website.

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