Evanescence Celebrating 20 Years of ‘Fallen’ with Expanded Reissue


Evanescence, the "Fallen" reissue album cover.

Evanescence, “Fallen” reissue album cover – Story by Cat Badra, image via Craft Recordings

Evanescence are celebrating 20 years of “Fallen,” their debut album, with a special expanded reissue

The year 2003 brought plenty of important post-grunge and nu-metal releases, and Evanescence with their debut album, “Fallen,” was one of them. The album arrived on March 4, 2003, and was a huge introduction for Evanescence to the world. The album scored the band four singles in “Bring Me to Life,” “Going Under,” “My Immortal” and “Everybody’s Fool.” It charted in the top 10 of more than 10 countries. It was finally certified Diamond by the RIAA last year. What’s more, “Bring Me to Life” has surpassed a whopping 1.2 billion YouTube views. Even today, rock radio plays the album’s popular singles incessantly. Now, Evanescence are celebrating 20 years of “Fallen” with an expanded reissue.

“20 years later, this album has never meant more,” Lee said in her foreword for the reissue. “‘Fallen’ has been the soundtrack to first loves, epic heartbreak, self-realization, wedding days, last goodbyes, friendships and countless other moments in so many lives…not to mention my own. I am forever humbled and grateful to be a part of it.” What’s special here is that Lee understands that these songs mean a lot to her fans. But, she also gets personal and admits that they mean a lot to her, too. She was in her early 20s at the time this album came out. Lee explains that writing these songs really did follow her life at the time.

So, when can fans expect this Evanescence “Fallen” reissue? The Super Deluxe Edition box set of “Fallen,” which will feature expanded vinyl and CD reissues, will hit stores on Nov. 17 via Craft Recordings. Each format features a bevy of demos, outtakes, B-sides and live recordings from the “Fallen” era. The collection also features a previously unreleased demo of the group’s blockbuster hit “Bring Me to Life.” Listen to the demo via the YouTube player below.

In addition, the reissue includes a standard two-LP reissue and box-set-exclusive cassette featuring unreleased demos and voice notes. Most of these demos have either never been heard before on were only available via bootleg copies. The box set also includes fresh track-by-track notes from Lee, a turntable slipmat emblazoned with Evanescence’s logo, a double-sided poster and an enamel pin set.

After a handful of underground releases, Evanescence released their major-label debut Fallen in 2003, breaking through with the emotionally charged hit single “Bring Me to Life” and subsequently scoring hits with “Going Under” and “My Immortal.” The album — the sixth best-selling LP of the 21st century — launched the group to stardom (Fallen was eventually certified Diamond by the RIAA last year, and “Bring Me to Life” has surpassed 1.2 billion YouTube views).

Pre-order the “Fallen” 20th anniversary reissue in a variety of different formats here. Listen to the just-released demo for “Bring Me to Life” below. While the demo sounds a lot like the final product, there are some key differences here, which fans will likely enjoy hearing.

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