Evanescence Drop Party-Happy Video for ‘Yeah Right’


Evanescence, the "Fallen" reissue album cover.

Evanescence, “Fallen” reissue album cover – Author Cat Badra, image via Craft Recordings

It’s a New Year, and Evanescence are surprising fans with a new music video. Amy Lee and company have released a party-happy new music video for their song “Yeah Right,” which appears on the band’s latest studio album, 2021’s “The Bitter Truth.” Watch the full clip below.

The song “Yeah Right” has a dance vibe, and the music video fits that perfectly. It makes me want to go to a rave.

The video shows Lee and the band rocking out with some live footage. The clip also shows someĀ isolated footage of Lee in blue lighting singing and dancing to the camera. The first thing I thought of when I saw this video was how similar it was to the “Fallen” area of Evanescence’s music and visuals. The “Fallen” record famously has Amy Lee’s face on the front in blue lighting. The video clips in “Yeah Right” that have Lee dancing in blue lighting look like they totally could have come from that “Fallen” era.

Evanescence filmed the video for “Yeah Right” during the group’s tour of Latin America in 2023. Eric Richter directed and edited the video.

On the subject of “Fallen,” in November 2023, Evanescence celebrated the 20th anniversary of “Fallen” with remastered versions of the album across multiple formats, offering previously unseen photos from the “Fallen” era, a handwritten foreword, a rare selection of B-sides, other rare recordings and more. The deluxe box version of the reissue will drop next month and include a cassette of 10 previously unreleased demos and voice notes, a book featuring new track-by-track notes, a custom turntable slip mat, a set of rare photo prints and an enamel pin set.

“Twenty years later, this album has never meant more,” Lee said in her foreword for the “Fallen” reissue. “‘Fallen’ has been the soundtrack to first loves, epic heartbreak, self-realization, wedding days, last goodbyes, friendships and countless other moments in so many lives…not to mention my own. I am forever humbled and grateful to be a part of it.”

So, what about new Evanescence music? So far, there hasn’t been much buzz about a new Evanescence record. As aforementioned, the band’s most recent studio album in 2021’s “The Bitter Truth.” Their discography also includes 2003’s “Fallen,” 2006’s “The Open Door,” 2011’s self-titled release and 2017’s “Synthesis.”

As for touring in 2024, Evanescence have a handful of shows booked, including performing at Welcome to Rockville in Florida and Sonic Temple Art & Music Festival in Ohio in May. They also have a few European festivals on their schedule. Find their tour dates here.

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