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What gift is good for a music lover? Try these Black Friday Record Store Day releases for 2023

While many people in your family might be looking for Black Friday deals in electronics or fashion, if you’re reading this article, chances are, you’re the music person and scouring the stores for the best music deals. Each Black Friday, the folks behind Record Store Day put together a special list of exclusive titles that drop on Black Friday that are only available at your local record store. It’s the kind of thing that is nostalgic and brings back fond memories of when every corner had a record store. So, what are some Record Store Day Black Friday must-haves?

This year’s Record Store Day Black Friday offers 171 titles, all ready to get scooped up on the biggest shopping day of the year. With so many options, it’s difficult to go through all the Record Store Day Black Friday options, but I’ve scoured the list to find the biggest and best titles for rock and metal fans.

So, how do you find a local record store that participates in Record Store Day Black Friday? It’s easy, as the Record Store Day website has a catalog of stores that participate in the event, as well as the annual April Record Store Day event. If you sport your local record store on the list, then there’s a good chance that they participate. But, the stores don’t get all 171 releases. So, don’t be surprised if your local shop doesn’t get any copies of whatever release you really want. You can also call to see if they got it in, but these releases also tend to sell out early, so your best bet is to go to the store as early in the morning as possible to have the best chance of getting your choice release.

Here are five spectacular rock and metal releases to get your ears on this Record Store Day Black Friday. Find the full list of Record Store Day releases here.

U2: “Under a Blood Red Sky”

In honor of he 40th anniversary of U2’s famed “Under a Blood Red Sky,” the band is releasing the live album on 180-gram red vinyl, and it’s newly remastered, too. The release features recordings from three concerts on the band’s seminal 1983 “War Tour,” including live renditions of “Gloria,” “I Will Follow” and “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” This release is limited to 7,000 copies.

Motley Crue: “Too Young To Fall In Love EP”

Motley Crue’s “Too Young To Fall In Love EP” was originally released in 1983 and has been out of print ever since. But now, it’s back, and Record Store Day is releasing it on orange/black 12-inch vinyl. It’s limited to just 3,500 copies.

The Doors: “Live in Bakersfield”

Bakersfield, California, has seen some legendary performers come out of their area. Korn, anyone? The town also gets some legendary concerts. “The Doors: Live in Bakersfield” was recorded on Aug. 21, 1970, at the Bakersfield Civic Auditorium, and the show happened during the time when vocalist Jim Morrison was on trial on charges in Miami, Florida, so it was a crazy era. The release features improvisations and medleys of Doors songs such as “Love Me Two Times” and “When the Music’s Over.” It’s limited to 12,500 copies.

Napalm Death: “From Enslavement to Obliteration”

If there’ someone on your Christmas list who loves really heavy metal, then Napalm Death has a special release to pick up for them. On Black Friday, Napalm Death’s “From Enslavement to Obliteration” will be available in a Record Store Day limited run via Earache Records. It’s limited to just 900 copies and a “regional focus release,” so call ahead to make sure you local shop gets it.

Screaming Tree: “Live at Egg Studios”

Screaming Trees are a legendary grunge rock band that never quite got their due. In the early 1990s, the guys went into Conrad Uno’s Egg Studio in Seattle to record some demo tracks. When there, frontman Mark Lanegan suggested they record a live set, since all the gear and microphones were already set up. This session has actually been unreleased until now. The set is arriving as “Live at Egg Studios,” and it’s t’s limited to 2,500 copies.

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