Ex-Slipknot Drummer Jay Weinberg Undergoes Major Surgery


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Former Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg has undergone surgery on both his hip and femur

It’s been an action-packed few weeks for former Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg. First, he was surprisingly let go of Slipknot. The longtime member found out about the news on the morning of Nov. 5, according to a social media post on his account, and was shocked. Now, he’s undergone surgery on both his hip and femur. The surgery was planned well before the Slipknot news, so it’s totally unrelated, but when it rains, it pours, as they say.

Weinberg posted a photo of himself on crutches on social media, explaining the surgery and stating that he had planned to have the procedure when he had a break in his touring schedule. Slipknot’s next show isn’t until April at Las Vegas’ Sick New World festival, so this seemed like a good time to have it.

In the post, he stated, “This Tuesday, after three years of careful planning, I underwent an outpatient procedure to repair the torn labrum of my left hip and shave down a misshapen part of my femur — a condition that never impacted my drumming in any way, but I’ve wanted to take care of during downtime from my recording and touring schedule.”

He added, “Since 2020, my priority has been for my playing to go uninterrupted, until a window in the schedule would allow me to complete an expected recovery of about four months. In May, that schedule started to show that this window would be now.”

Jay Weinberg continued to explain his follow-up MRI how he went about scheduling the surgery, and how he carefully planned it so that he could be back onstage with Slipknot in April. He also said that he wanted to keep it private, at the time. He emphasized how much he’ll miss seeing Slipknot’s fans next year, too.

“Though my commitment to healing remains the same, I’ll be disappointed to not see all of you in Vegas as planned,” he said. “Perhaps some of you are facing your own challenges — we all do. No matter how down-and-out you might feel, there are reasons to be hopeful, and to keep an actively positive mindset. Have your own back. Surround yourself with positive people. Focus on what gives your life meaning and purpose.”

He also gave fans hope for new music, stating, “I look forward to sharing my journey with you, and keeping you up-to-date in my adventure back to 100%. Thanks to my awesome team of doctors, I’m already on the path back to what I love doing the most! The path forward through this recovery will be a challenge, but it’s one I’m up for.”

On Nov. 5, Slipknot took to social media to announce that were moving ahead without Weinberg, saying it was purely a “creative decision.” After taking some time to digest the news, Weinberg released a long statement about the incident, saying he was totally “heartbroken and blindsided” by being let go from Slipknot. Check out Weinberg’s full post about his surgery below.


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