Which Metal Bands Should Make a Comeback?


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One of the worst feelings in the world is when one of your favorite bands goes on hiatus or simply breaks up. It’s like the end of a long, fruitful relationship. Sometimes there’s just no getting over that pain unless, of course, that band makes a comeback. Music history is filled with legendary bands who have claimed to be breaking up or retiring, just to resurface a few years later for a major tour. I’m looking at you, Motley Crue and Kiss. So, which metal bands should make a comeback in the coming year?

Here’s a wish list of some heavy metal bands that we’d love to see make a comeback. While I respect these bands’ decisions to part ways or take an extended break, you only live once, so why not get back together and give the fans what they want? If band members are healthy and the demand is there, a reunion can be explosive. Look at Creed, for example. They’re not a metal band, but after more than a decade apart, they’re selling out shows across North America in 2024 for a big reunion tour. It can be done.


On one hand, Slayer really went out on top. They certainly didn’t overstay their welcome in the metal world. Slayer embarked on their farewell tour in 2018, and they’re sticking to that retired status. Kerry King is surfacing with some solo music, which is intriguing, but a lot of fans would eat up a Slayer reunion. Besides, how will we ever get another “Big 4” show without Slayer?

Twisted Sister

Since retiring in 2016, Twisted Sister have played one show together, and that was when they were inducted into the Metal Hall of Fame. Other than that, the band has really stayed retired, although frontman Dee Snider is always doing something musical and on social media. This is a 1980s band we’d love to see do another run.

Sepultura with the Cavalera Brothers

Sepultura recently announced their farewell tour after 40 years as a band. But, many metalheads don’t consider Sepultura to really be Sepultura without Max and Iggor Cavalera. How incredible would it be to have these guys come back to Sepultura and give the band a proper farewell? I’m in.


When it comes to nu-metal that’s extra heavy and groovy, Chimaira were kings. The band blossomed in the early-2000s, with super dark, murky rhythms and a nu-metal flair. The band retired in 2014 but regrouped to play a show in 2017. So, you’re saying there’s hope?

Black Sabbath

Sure, Ozzy Osbourne isn’t in any shape to tour, and Black Sabbath said farewell on “The End” tour back in 2017. But, how great would it be to see these guys perform just one more time? Black Sabbath are the original heavy metal band, and we miss them.


Ville Valo of HIM is very active in music, as he recently released his debut solo album, the imaginative “Neon Noir.” But, his called it quits for HIM about five years ago, well before the band’s time. Consider HIM’s loyal fanbase and the age of its members, how could they not come back for another round?


Doom metal legends Cathedral retired in 2013, after just about two decades of bringing doom metal to the forefront of the movement. Their last album together, “The Last Spire,” was a banger and left many fans wanting more. So far, there’s no signs of a reunion on the horizon, but we can dream.

How great would it be to see some of the above metal bands reunion for a tour or even a one-off show? I’d love to see it happen. For more metal fun, find Audio Ink Radio’s list of the best heavy metal riffs of all time here.

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