Wolfgang Van Halen Says Reuniting with Michael Anthony Was ‘Wonderful’


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Wolfgang Van Halen is opening up about reuniting with Michael Anthony – Author Cat Badra, Photo via Travis Shinn

Wolfgang Van Halen is riding high right now. Just look at what last year was like for the guy. He released the sophomore album with his project Mammoth WVH, called “Mammoth II.” He also got married to the love of his life, Andraia Allsop. Oh, and there’s the fact that he toured with a little band called Metallica last year, too. So, yes, Wolfie is going very well for himself. Now, he’s opening up about what it was like reuniting with Michael Anthony.

So, what does Wolfgang Van Halen say it was like reuniting with Michael Anthony? It was a very comfortably thing, because Wolfgang tells “Loudwire Nights” that, “He’s family.”

He added, “It was long overdue. I think we had planned that at least since I’ve been touring and it just worked out and it was very wonderful to see him – love that my Mom [was] there [and] my uncle Patrick who is also part of the Mammoth team, he goes way back with them. It’s really nice to have that little reunion.”

While Wolfgang enjoyed plenty of good things in 2023, he’s still hard on himself. “I think I’m just my own toughest critic,” he said in the interview. He added, “I don’t have time to sit there and really analyze it until it’s over. And I’m like, ‘Wow, we’re doing this.’ That’s a phrase said by a lot of us in the Mammoth family. ‘We’re doing this right now.’ We’re really doing it.”

He also said that he feels “very lucky to be as busy as we are. It’s crazy … [This year] is going to be more touring than last year. There’s a bunch more in the pipeline that we can’t really announce yet.”

Wolfgang Van Halen was recently named Audio Ink Radio’s 2023 Artist of the Year. “Wolfgang really expanded this year, both in terms of new music and touring,” we stated when giving the honors.

What Was Eddie Van Halen Like as a Father?

Wolfgang spoke with Audio Ink Radio in a previous interview and described just how proud his father, Eddie Van Halen, was of all his success and talent. “I mean, he was a very impressed father,” he said. “He cheered me on in everything, from me playing soccer to, gosh, this one time where I threw a pumpkin at a teacher who was mean to me in kindergarten, he told me to not miss the next time! (Laughs) It was one of those little pumpkins. It wasn’t a big one. But, he just cheered me on in literally everything, and he couldn’t have been happier with the music.”

Wolfgang continued, “He was the only other person who had all the ideas on his phone, other than me. He even had stuff that kind of hit the cutting room floor that’ll probably show up on another album or something. So, he was definitely the proudest parent.” Would wouldn’t want to have a great father like that in their corner, especially one who’s a rock star?

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