Kittie Release ‘Eyes Wide Open,’ First New Song in 13 Years


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It’s is great when a band you love that’s been away for a long time comes back? That’s the case with Canadian metal band Kittie. They just unleashed their fist new song, “Eyes Wide Open,” in 13 years. The song marks Kittie’s first release since 2011’s “I’ve Failed You.”

The new music comes on the heels of an announcement from Kittie founder Morgan Lander last week that the band would be releasing a new non-alcoholic beer in collaboration with Australia’s We Are PIGS.

“Eyes Wide Open” is currently available on streaming platforms and as a music video, which you can watch below. The song features the classic Kittie style of super heavy, sharp guitars and guttural screaming. The track, which was produced by Nick Raskulinecz, is a banger, for sure.

“Our first new material in 13 years, ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is a vision quest for truth,” Lander said of the new song in a press release. “It is a torch lit in the darkness of ignorance to reveal one’s true motives. ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is a lesson in trust, betrayal, and ultimately the ability to see behind the curtain to reveal all. It was one of the first songs we wrote, coming together again after a long time away from creating, and I think you can really hear the fires reigniting in this track.”

“Eyes Wide Open” arrives on Kittie’s new label home Sumerian Records, which will be releasing the new single and the group’s other upcoming material.

“Sometimes, incredible opportunities present themselves in surprising ways,” Lander said. “Just a few years ago we could have never imagined we would be getting ready to release new music as Kittie. We’ve been given what feels like a second life and are grateful to Ash and the Sumerian family for believing in us.”

As for live shows, Kittie appeared at the inaugural Sick New World festival last year and will perform at the Las Vegas event again this year on April 27. They also have Welcome to Rockville on May 10 and Sonic Temple on May 18 on their calendar.

Lander caught up with Audio Ink Radio last year to talk about all things Kittie. We talked about the status of new music at the time. “It’s definitely something that’s on our to-do list,” Lander said of new music at the time. “It’s something we’ve been really interested in… it’s definitely something we want to do when the timing is right, when the situation is right, and it’s all starting to come together and feel more right. I guess it’s the perfect time.” Elsewhere in the chat, she said, “We’ll see what sort of shakes. We’ve got some interesting things coming down the pipeline, so I think, without giving too much away, I feel like the next few years will be very interesting and very exciting for the band.”

Watch the video for “Eyes Wide Open” below. Will a full-length Kittie album follow? No word yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Either way, now that Kittie are on Sumerian, more new music is certainly coming.

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