Book review: Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford gets personal in "Confess," his debut autobiography.

Rob Halford, ‘Confess’ Review – Autobiography Offers Inspiring Tale of Overcoming Odds

Book Review: “Confess,” the debut autobiography from Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford, gives an in-depth, personal view of the metal legend.
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Posted 08 Oct 2020 | Metal, Music, Reviews, Rock News | -
Corey Taylor, "CMFT," promo image.

Corey Taylor, ‘CMFT’ Album Review – Release Shows Musical Depth

Review: Corey Taylor is out with his debut album, “CMFT,” and the collection features a bevy of musical styles and genres, showing off the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman’s range.
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Posted 28 Sep 2020 | Music, Reviews, Rock, Rock News | -

Kataklysm, ‘Unconquered’ Review – Overcoming Obstacles Makes for Inspiring Theme on New Album

Album review: “Unconquered,” the new album from Kataklysm, features an inspiring theme of overcoming obstacles.
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Posted 21 Sep 2020 | Metal, Music, Reviews, Rock News | -

Stryper, ‘Even the Devil Believes’ Review – Melodic Metal Anthems Rule on New Album

Review:¬†With its sharp songwriting and ’80s-style melodic metal anthems, “Even the Devil Believes” features the sound and style fans have come to know and love from Stryper.
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Perfect Plan, ‘Time for a Miracle’ Review – New Album Shines with Melodic Hard Rock

Album review: Perfect Plan is back with their sophomore studio album, “Time for a Miracle,” and the collection brims with AOR-inspired melodic hard rock.
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Posted 18 Sep 2020 | Music, Reviews, Rock, Rock News | -

Primal Fear, ‘Metal Commando’ Review – New Album Brims with Powerful Metal

Album review: Primal Fear is back with their 13th studio album, “Metal Commando,” and the set is packed with solid songwriting and huge melodies.
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Posted 21 Jul 2020 | Metal, Music, Reviews, Rock News | -

U.D.O., ‘We Are One’ Review – New Album Soars with Powerful Orchestral Metal

Album Review: “We Are One,” the new album from U.D.O. and the Concert Band of the German Armed Forces, brims with passionate heavy metal and orchestral music.
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Posted 13 Jul 2020 | Features, Metal, Music, Reviews | -

Top 30 Rock and Metal Songs of 2020 (So Far)

From Testament to Hatebreed to Five Finger Death Punch, here are Audio Ink’s top rock and metal songs of 2020 (so far).
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Posted 09 Jul 2020 | Features, Metal, Music, Reviews, Rock | -

Theory of a Deadman Has Plenty to Say on ‘Say Nothing’ – Album Review

Theory of a Deadman’s new album, “Say Nothing,” packs songs with meaning.
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Posted 04 Feb 2020 | Music, Reviews, Rock, Rock News | -

Tool Tour Photos + Review: Tool Concert in Detroit Offers Epic, Memorable Night

Tool concert in Detroit: Maynard James Keenan and company bring epic, mystic tour to Detroit at Little Caesars Arena. Find photos from the show here.
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Posted 11 Nov 2019 | Features, Metal, Music, Reviews, Rock | -
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