RED’s ‘Lie to Me (Denial)’ Brings the Heavy – Song Review


RED’s ‘Lie to Me’ Sounds Hopeful and Guided

Nashville hard rock band RED’s new single, “Lie to Me (Denial),” opens with an eerie instrumental passage, pierced with subtle electronic beats and warm guitar tones, before exploding into crushing riffs and towering melodies. Michael Barnes’ hushed vocals chime for the first verse, in as the musical backdrop quiets to make way for his plea:

“Tell yourself it’s over now / Try to kill a broken vow / If only you could find the strength to kill the memories.”

The track crescendos from the bridge to the refrain, as the chorus breaks in and begs, “Lie to me if you can feel / That this love was never real / Walk away if you can learn to love again…” Barnes’ pain-soaked croon expresses the dilemma of denial and refutation. Haven’t you ever wanted someone to just lie to you, instead of getting the truth? That’s what this song is about.

Joe Rickard’s crushing drum beats are heavy and locked it, and you can almost picture him throwing the sticks against the skins with power and focus. RED have always been able to mesh thoughtful, self-reflective lyrics with a metal edge, and “Lie to Me (Denial)” should appeal to modern rockers and contemporary metal fans alike. Even with its dark textures, “Lie to Me” sounds hopeful and guided. The track ends with a mélange of heavy guitars and synthesizers, right before cutting off abruptly and coming to a halting stop. In just over four minutes, RED get their point across: “You’re not alone.”

Ink Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Splatters

Listen to RED’s “Lie to Me (Denial)”:


Anne Erickson

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