Book review: Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford gets personal in "Confess," his debut autobiography.

Rob Halford, ‘Confess’ Review – Autobiography Offers Inspiring Tale of Overcoming Odds

Book Review: “Confess,” the debut autobiography from Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford, gives an in-depth, personal view of the metal legend.
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Posted 08 Oct 2020 | Metal, Music, Reviews, Rock News | -
Corey Taylor, "CMFT," promo image.

Corey Taylor, ‘CMFT’ Album Review – Release Shows Musical Depth

Review: Corey Taylor is out with his debut album, “CMFT,” and the collection features a bevy of musical styles and genres, showing off the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman’s range.
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Posted 28 Sep 2020 | Music, Reviews, Rock, Rock News | -

Kataklysm, ‘Unconquered’ Review – Overcoming Obstacles Makes for Inspiring Theme on New Album

Album review: “Unconquered,” the new album from Kataklysm, features an inspiring theme of overcoming obstacles.
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Posted 21 Sep 2020 | Metal, Music, Reviews, Rock News | -

Stryper, ‘Even the Devil Believes’ Review – Melodic Metal Anthems Rule on New Album

Review: With its sharp songwriting and ’80s-style melodic metal anthems, “Even the Devil Believes” features the sound and style fans have come to know and love from Stryper.
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Perfect Plan, ‘Time for a Miracle’ Review – New Album Shines with Melodic Hard Rock

Album review: Perfect Plan is back with their sophomore studio album, “Time for a Miracle,” and the collection brims with AOR-inspired melodic hard rock.
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Posted 18 Sep 2020 | Music, Reviews, Rock, Rock News | -

Primal Fear, ‘Metal Commando’ Review – New Album Brims with Powerful Metal

Album review: Primal Fear is back with their 13th studio album, “Metal Commando,” and the set is packed with solid songwriting and huge melodies.
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Posted 21 Jul 2020 | Metal, Music, Reviews, Rock News | -

U.D.O., ‘We Are One’ Review – New Album Soars with Powerful Orchestral Metal

Album Review: “We Are One,” the new album from U.D.O. and the Concert Band of the German Armed Forces, brims with passionate heavy metal and orchestral music.
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Posted 13 Jul 2020 | Features, Metal, Music, Reviews | -
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