Static X

Static-X, pictured from left to right: Ken Jay (drums), Koichi Fukuda (guitars), Xer0 (vocals), Tony Campos (bass).

Static-X Heads Up 2022 ‘Rise of the Machine’ Tour, Featuring Nu-Metal and Industrial Bands

Static-X is joining forces with industrial metal bands Fear Factory, Dope, Mushroomhead and Twiztid for a major 2022 tour.
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Posted 21 Sep 2021 | Metal, Music, Rock News | -

Static-X Bassist Tony Campos on ‘Project Regeneration’ + Honoring Wayne Static

Tony Campos of Static-X joins Anne Erickson to discuss the industrial metal band’s new album, “Project Regeneration Vol. 1,” which features the vocals of late frontman Wayne Static.
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Posted 16 Jul 2020 | Features, Interviews, Music, Rock | -

Static-X Highlights Late Frontman Wayne Static’s Cathartic Vocals on New Song, ‘Hollow’

The late Wayne Static’s vocals appear on a new song from his band, Static-X. The band will release their “Project Regeneration” album in May.
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Posted 17 Feb 2020 | Metal, Music, Rock, Rock News | -

Static-X Announces ‘Project Regeneration’ Album, Singer Xer0’s Identity Possibly Revealed

Static-X will relelease their “Project Regeneration” album featuring the final vocals from Wayne Static in May 2020.
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Posted 09 Oct 2019 | Metal, Music, Rock News | -

Static-X’s Wayne Static Names His Favorite Horror Film

Wayne Static of metal band Static-X talks Halloween and names his favorite horror film of all time.
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Static-X’s Wayne Static: ‘Pighammer’ is About Transition [Interview]

Static-X main man Wayne Static releases his debut solo album, Pighammer, Oct. 4. Read what Static has to say about the new album, and listen to the podcast!
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