Collective Soul’s Dean Roland Readies New Music Project


Story by Cat Badra

Collective Soul founding member forms, Magnets & Ghosts

Alternative rock personalities Collective Soul hit it big in the ‘90s with memorable nuggets such as “Shine,” “December” and “The World I Know.” Now, Dean Roland, a founding member of the group, and producer / musician Ryan Potesta are prepping material for their first collaboration, an album called Mass, under the name Magnets & Ghosts. Mass will arrive on iTunes and Nov. 1.

While, Mass, took nine months to record, Roland told Artist Direct he was “amazed at what transpired on the first few nights. We had something to say and similar ideas about a sound that we wanted to capture it with. Both Ryan and I definitely connected on the idea of writing a group of songs that varied in themes but together formed a complete thought.”

Roland went on to say some of his favorite facets of the 11-song album were a result of experimenting. “But some of the most memorable moments in our recording process came when we would remove any notion of traditional songwriting and let the sounds become lyrical. Out of those moments came songs like, ‘Mass,’ and, ‘Half Awake.’”

The duo reached a new plateau with the completion of the album’s title track, “Mass,” and Potesta says the song took them along a different course. “To me, ‘Mass’ is really the beginning of ‘our sound.’ The way that it fell into place was truly beautiful,” Potesta said. “The combined work and flow was so natural that we never questioned what we were doing while creating it.

“The next day when we came in to listen to ‘Mass’ with fresh ears, we knew that we had made another strong step in our desired direction. We really wanted to take chances and embody the articles that make us fall in love with records.”




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