Evanescence Give Behind-the-Scenes Look at ‘My Heart is Broken’ Video


Story by Anne Erickson

Evanescence prep eerie music video for ‘My Heart is Broken’

Evanescence’s latest music video for the track “My Heart is Broken” premieres Tuesday (Jan. 24), but Amy Lee and her hard rock crew are giving fans a quick peek into the taping process of the video before then.

Lee says the subject matter of the song is a serious one: the continuing problem of sex trafficking. “A lot of times when I write, I just sort of make up words, and something will stick, and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s from my subconscious. That’s what I need to write the song about,’” she told MTV News. “And that’s sort of what happened [with the song]. I was like, ‘I think I’m writing about this thing; it’s on my heart,’ just imagining being in such a trapped place and how that might feel, so the song was actually inspired by that idea.”

The video, Lee says, takes inspiration from the 1988 British horror film “Paperhouse.” Distringuished director and photographer Dean Karr directed the short film, and Lee promises the video will recall “both dreams and nightmares.”

Evanescence’s self-titled, third studio album dropped in October of 2011. It entered the Billboard 200 chart at No. 1, a showing Lee told Audio Ink Radio was a shock to the band– a good one. “To be very honest, we weren’t expecting it,” Lee said. “[Singer] Adele had really just held that spot, and her record has been insanely huge, and it’s been a long time for us. So, we were shocked and extremely excited. Everybody was laughing and crying and hugging each other, and it was exactly how you would expect it to look.” (Photo via MTV Video.)

Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Clip from the Taping of Evanescence’s ‘My Heart is Broken’ Video:

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  1. Michelle Michel
    23 Jan 2012, 1:36 pm

    I hope evanescence take out more videos, Evanescence in my favorite band I would like to sing a song with Amy Lee… but it seems impossible…. I would love to have the opportunity to be with her….
    Thanks Amy Lee and the whole band to be my favorite forever…..

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