No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani to Appear on ‘American Idol’ This Week


Story by Cat Badra

No Doubt band members set to be mentors on reality TV show

Gwen Stefani and the guys of her alternative pop-rock group No Doubt still haven’t announced a release date for their upcoming studio album, which was originally expected to drop last year, but they’re not staying completely out of the spotlight. Stefani and her longtime band mate and friend, bass player Tony Kanal, are set to be the mentors for this week’s “American Idol” show, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The theme for this week’s show is 1980s music, which is actually a good fit for Stefani, considering that the band knocked out a Top 10 single in 2003 with a cover of Talk Talk’s 1985 song, “It’s My Life.” In other words, No Doubt know how to recreate the past and make it work for the present.

No Doubt are signed to Interscope, the label run by “American Idol” advisor Jimmy Iovine. Stefani has emerged on “Idol” before; notably, last season, she styled the contenstants in her L.A.M.B. clothing line. Stefani and Kanal spent five hours with the Season 11 finalists Friday (March 30). Per usual, rehearsals happened at Interscope Records’ Santa Monica recording studio complex.

As for why the new No Doubt record is taking so long, Stefani recently told Access Hollywood that she’s just taking her time with it and making sure it’s perfect. “I just make priorities of what’s important at the moment. Right now, the No Doubt record is everything for me,” she explained. Stefani added that all the band members’ side projects are getting in the way of finding time to record, too. “We do this thing where we work on it really hard, and then we take breaks, because everybody has so much going on,” she said. “That’s why it’s taking so long.”




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