Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell Describes What to Expect from New Album


Story by Anne Erickson

Soundgarden hope to release a new album that adds to the band’s legacy

With Soundgarden releasing their first fresh song in 15 years last week, a melodic rock anthem called “Live to Rise,” all eyes are back on the ‘90s grunge rock behemoths. The big question in many fans’ minds, of course, is “What the heck will the new album sound like?”

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell says the newest album in the chapter of Soundgarden came together naturally and organically, and he believes that comes out when listening back to the tracks. “If anything it has helped us,” he told XFM. “Certainly in writing and recording the new album it feels very fresh. Everyone is included and an equal part of it musically and it feels very natural and expressive and we’re going in new directions we never did before.”

He added that the new Soundgarden adds to the band’s legacy. That was the goal. “Adding to what I believe is an important legacy as opposed to when a band gets together and if they make new music it doesn’t ad to anything, it just sort of subtracts,” he said. “It’s in a sense borrowing from a great legacy to go out and make money and have something to do. This is not that.”

“Live to Rise” appears on the soundtrack for the upcoming “Avengers” movie, and it’s the only new song on the compilation. The soundtrack — which also features songs by Evanescence, Bush, Rise Against, Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch and more — arrives May 1 on iTunes. Soundgarden’s new album is expected to arrive by this fall.




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