Mumford & Sons Hope to Release New Album by Year’s End


Story by Anne Erickson

Mumford & Sons singer says band are ‘feeling good’ about upcoming release

New Mumford & Sons is on the way, according to frontman Marcus Mumford. The band’s upcoming album will be the follow-up to 2009’s “Sigh No More,” and Mumford says he hopes to get the album out as soon as possible.

“We would love to get [the album] out tomorrow but we want to get it out definitely by the end of the year,” Mumford told Irish site “We don’t want to set a date until it’s finished. We’re feeling good about it. We’re getting to the point that we’re confident that it’s going to sum us up quite well for where we’re at now.”

Multi-instrumentalist Ben Lovett also said that Mumford & Songs have been road testing some new songs on tour, but he doesn’t know if those will make the new album. “We had moments in the touring where we had a bit of respite,” Lovett added. “It was a very busy couple of years but we also did manage to take a bit of time off to do some writing. Not so much together, which really started happening last year when we really started to get our teeth into the songs.

“Up until that point we’d been playing some songs live, so there are some songs that people might assume are on the record – and they might be right – but there are some that we’ve played and we felt weren’t really working for us and they won’t make it on.”




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