Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins to Play Iggy Pop in CBGB Film


Story by Charles Ken

Foo Fighters stickman Taylor Hawkins tapped to portray punk legend Iggy Pop in upcoming film

Have you ever noticed that Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins looks a touch like punk icon Iggy Pop? That said, it should come as little surprise that Hawkins has been tapped to play Mr. Pop in the upcoming flick documenting the legendary New York club CBGB.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hawkins will portray Iggy Pop at his peak, but there are no details yet on how much screen time he will get. This marks the drummer’s first major movie role. Up until now, Hawkins has only graced the big screen in Foo Fighters music videos and their 2011 documentary, “Back and Forth,” the latter which debuted in theaters across the country for one night only, before hitting DVD.

As for other roles in the film, “The Borgias” actress Mickey Sumner is set to portray Patti Smith, “The Big Bang Theory” star Johnny Galecki will play manager Terry Ork, Steven Schub will depict Dee Dee Ramone and Joel David Moore and Julian Acosta will play Joey and Johnny Ramone, respectively. Alan Rickman will depict Hilly Kristal, the famed owner of CBGB.

Production on the flick will start on June 25 in Savannah, Ga., and some filming is also slated to take place in New York City.

CBGB was a famed rock venue in Manhattan that started out booking country and blues artists before turning to groundbreaking new wave and punk acts, right as the scene was sprouting up in the Big Apple. Groups such as the Misfits, the Ramones, the Fleshtones, Blondie, the Talking Heads, the Dictators and more have graced the renowned venue. CBGB closed in 2006. (Photo credit: Steve Gullick.)




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