Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Helping Budding Singer Taylor Greenwood


Story by Charles Ken

Foo Fighters frontman sees potential in a new singer-songwriter

When Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl isn’t making his own music, he apparently likes to help up-and-coming musicians who he believes have potential. One such artist is budding singer and songwriter Taylor Greenwood.

Speaking with KROQ, Grohl gushed about Greenwood’s sound and even dropped some details about working with her on new music. “The world could use a real artist like Taylor right about now. Definitely one to look out for,” said Grohl, who recently saw one of Greenwood’s New York City shows and was won over by her performance.

“In this day and age where processed production can make anyone America’s next big thing, Taylor Greenwood is so refreshing because she is the REAL DEAL,” Grohl added, when asked about Greenwood’s potential and appeal. “A truly amazing artist. Anyone who knows her voice knows the sound of raw, natural talent. I’ve seen her break a room down to pin-drop silence, and then make it explode…all in one song. With a voice that sounds as big in a smoky bar as it does on album…”

Grohl is hard at work with Greenwood on new music and, according to KROQ, “fine tuning the arrangements and chord choices” for her set. Expect new tunes from the Greenwood-Grohl mash-up to drop soon.




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