Rains Frontman Talks Touring with Five Finger Death Punch + More


Story by Anne Erickson

Jeff Rains scored an active rock hit last year with ‘Look in My Eyes’

Jeff Rains has seen plenty of success with his melodic rock band, Rains. Last year, the band’s single “Look in My Eyes” climbed into the Top 50 on the active rock chart, and that showing scored the chaps a spot on Five Finger Death Punch’s high-profile 2011 tour alongside All That Remains and Hatebreed.

Rains says it was a no-brainer to tour with Five Finger Death Punch. “It was insane! We had five different tour offers and did research, and everybody wanted that one,” he exclusively told Audio Ink Radio. “It was serious, because all of those bands are heavier than us, especially Hatebreed. But it worked out well. It was a good move for us to make.”

This year, Rains have been out doing their own headlining tours, playing much smaller venues than the arenas they played with Five Finger. Rains likes that variety in the band’s touring schedule, though. “Five Finger was 90% arenas, and we got to learn how to be an arena band, because you have to handle 10,000 or 15,000 people differently than you do 500,” he said. “So, now we can bring an arena show to a club stage, and it’s fun for fans to see.”

Rains’ current album, “Stories,” is out now, and the singer is proud of the effort. “I had recorded a record before then, but it turned out horrible, and that was my first time in a real studio with a real producer, so I was green to the whole thing,” he said. “So, to see how it turned out is gratifying.” (Photo credit: Jeff Sciortino.)




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