Evanescence Planning Hiatus Following U.K. Fall Tour, Says Amy Lee


Story by Cat Badra

Evanescence frontwoman says band will take a break after November U.K. tour

Evanescence have spent much of this past year headlining the Carnival of Madness tour, and now, they’re ready for a break. Speaking with NME.com, frontwoman Amy Lee announced that Evanescence plan to take an extended break after completing its U.K. arena tour in November.

As for plans for a new album, Lee said those are on hold at the moment. “I’m always playing the piano and harp because I like to, but I haven’t been purposeful in my playing. I haven’t been sitting down to write.

“I’m thinking we’ll take a break first. I’m really not sure what I’ll do next. At the end of any really long tour, you need to get your head in order. I think at the end of the run we’ll go on a break for a while and figure things out.”

Evanescence waited five years between releasing “The Open Door” and last year’s self-titled album, and Lee says that she doesn’t see anything wrong in taking time between albums. “… Taking long breaks is seen as a bad thing, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. People have the idea that you have to keep putting stuff out while people remember you. But I’d rather make something that’s awesome and then make people remember again. I hope it doesn’t take five years, but I don’t want to put a timeline on it either.”




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