Soundgarden to Tour in January 2013?


Story by Anne Erickson

Soundgarden may be planning to tour in as early as January of next year

One of the most anticipated albums of this year, unequivocally, is Soundgarden’s “King Animal,” which we previously reported will drop on Nov. 13. Of course, with a new album on the horizon, one of the foremost questions on fans’ minds is, “When will Soundgarden launch off on a new tour?” As it turns out, it seems that Soundgarden is already looking at tour dates for 2013.

Earlier this week, Radar Music published an article suggesting that Pearl Jam and Soundgarden might tour together in 2013, as both are back together and share a similar fanbase. Now, the word is that Soundgarden are planning to kick off a tour starting in as early as January of next year! This bit of news comes from Seattle 99.9 KISW’s blog, so it’s not a guarantee, but still promising: “The new album is titled King Animal and drops November 13th. Soundgarden will also be kicking off a tour in January.”

In other Soundgarden news, the grunge guys unleashed the cover artwork for “King Animal” earlier this week, which can be viewed above, as well as the album’s official track listing. As for songs, “King Animal” spans a meaty 13, with titles such as “Attrition,” “Rowing,” “Bones of Birds” and “Halfway There.” Check out the full track listing below.

Soundgarden’s ‘King Animal’ Track Listing:

“Been Away Too Long”
“Non-State Actor”
“By Crooked Steps”
“A Thousand Days Before”
“Blood on the Valley Floor”
“Bones of Birds”
“Black Saturday”
“Halfway There”
“Worse Dreams”
“Eyelid’s Mouth”




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