Soundgarden Guitarist Kim Thayil Says New Album Almost Didn’t Happen


Story by Charles Ken

Soundgarden guitarist opens up about grunge band’s chemistry

Fans are stoked that grunge rockers Soundgarden have a new album, “King Animal,” on the horizon. But, according to guitarist Kim Thayil, that album almost didn’t come to pass. Thayil says that if Soundgarden’s inert musical chemistry hadn’t been as intact as the last time they put together an album, which was for 1996’s “Down on the Upside,” the group wouldn’t have released any new tracks.

“We got together and jammed — we just let the music dictate to us before committing to or planning anything,” Thayil tells Premier Guitar. “If it still wasn’t there, I can honestly say this album wouldn’t have happened. It is still there and I’m just happy to be back playing music with friends that I enjoy the intimate sharing of ideas with.”

As for what to expect from “King Animal,” Thayil says the album packs some heavy riffs and dark atmospheres, not all that different from the set’s debut single, “Been Away Too Long.” Best of all, there’s still a little anger in there. “I’m still an angry dude,” Thayil said. “I’m just older. I still push the band to be heavy and dark — that’s always been my role.”

“King Animal” reaches stores and online outlets on Nov. 13.




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