A Perfect Circle Songs Get Lullaby Makeover


Story by Anne Erickson

‘Lullaby Versions of A Perfect Circle’ will arrive on Sept. 17

Say you’re a parent of a little tyke and also happen to be a big A Perfect Circle fan? Then chances are you’ll be interested in the latest release from Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star. The company known for creating lullaby versions of various rock artists are prepping to release a collection of lullaby versions of A Perfect Circle songs.

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star takes the approach of being high end musically rather than simply doing these as a novelty,” the company’s official website states. “After all, just because the music is for a baby it doesn’t have to sound unsophisticated. We feel we owe it to the artists that we are covering to do their music justice and our standard of quality transcends the lullaby genre.”

“Lullaby Versions of A Perfect Circle” will arrive on Sept. 17 on the Roma Music Group label. Those who pre-order the set on iTunes will receive an instant download of “Judith.”

Among the A Perfect Circle classics featured on the album are “The Outsider,” “The Hollow,” “Judith,” “3 Libras,” “Blue,” “Imagine,” “The Noose,” “Passive,” “Weak and Powerless,” “Pet,” “Orestes” and “Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums.”

Listen to the Lullaby Version of A Perfect Circle’s ‘Judith’:



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