Soundgarden’s 1990 Compilation Album, ‘Screaming Life/Fopp,’ Streaming Online


Story by Charles Ken

Stream Soundgarden’s ‘Screaming Life/Fopp’ album before its release this Tuesday

Soundgarden’s rare 1990 compilation album, “Screaming Life/Fopp,” is getting a special re-release next week, but fans of the Seattle grunge band don’t have to wait another minute to stream the nostalgic tracks. Chris Cornell and the gang have posted a stream of every song from the upcoming compilation via SPIN’s official website.

What’s really cool about this release is that it provides a snapshot of Soundgarden before they blew up big with 1991’s “Badmotorfinger” and 1994’s “Superunknown.”

“Screaming Life/Fopp” will be available via digital outlets and on vinyl beginning Tuesday (Nov. 26). The remastered release will include Soundgarden’s first two EPs, totaling the original songs and “Sub Pop Rock City,” the latter which originally appeared on 1988’s “Sub Pop 200” compilation album.

‘Screaming Life/Fopp’ Track Listing:

“Hunted Down”
“Tears to Forget”
“Nothing to Say”
“Little Joe”
“Hand of God”
“Sub Pop Rock City”
“Fopp” (Heavy Dub Mix)
“Kingdom of Come”
“Swallow My Pride”



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