British Foo Fighters Fans Launch Kickstarter Campaign for U.K. Concert


Story by Cat Badra

Foo Fighters fans in the U.K. are raising funds to bring the Foos to Birmingham, England

Foo Fighters performed an intimate show in Richmond, Va., on Sept. 17, after four buddies from the area sold roughly $70,000 worth of tickets in a fundraising effort for a show that, at the time, wasn’t even on the books yet. Now, a group of British fans are also trying to get the Foos to play their neck of the woods.

British fans have started a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes to “(raise) funds to produce a fan funded show within the U.K. as part of the 2015 tour after the release of Foo Fighters’ album Sonic Highways.”

The campaign is ambitious and hopes to raise $245,000 to bring the Foo Fighters to a 3,000-capacity venue in Birmingham, England. “It would be an (honor) for true fans to attend the first U.K. crowd funded gig, warming up the Foo Fighters ready for their big 2015 U.K. dates at face value…without (scalper’s fee) in sight,” the group stated. “It’s been done before, so let’s do it again!”

Already, the Kickstarter campaign has reach more than two-thirds of its goal. With 53 days left in the campaign, there’s a good chance this venture will be successful. If the funds are raised, only time will tell if Dave Grohl and the Foos grant British fans’ wishes, as they did their listeners in Virginia.



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