The Offspring Planning Follow-Up to ‘Days Go By’


Story by Cat Badra

California’s the Offspring are on target to record new music after their current tour wraps up

This year marks 20 years since the Offspring released their innovative album “Smash,” and not only are the guys celebrating that milestone, but they’re also looking ahead to releasing their follow-up to 2012’s “Days Go By.”

“We already have a couple of things done — one song we really feel strongly about and want to get out there, and three, four, five songs, total, done or close to done,” guitarist Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman told Billboard.

Wasserman explained that recording new music isn’t always easy. “Trying to do it on the road, it ends up being piecemeal and a little weird, so we’re going to wait ’til we get home and have a couple of days rest and then go in and do the vocals and see what happens,” he said.

Offspring fans might get the new release sooner than expected, to boot. “I think the way the world is now, why make the fans wait for these songs we have now for two years or whatever, when we have a whole new record ready,” Wasserman said. “We might do an EP now or release them as singles and eventually compile them all into a record…it’s amazing how immediate everything can be now. It wasn’t like that when we started.”

As for the 20th anniversary of “Smash,” Wasserman said the band will release a special reissue edition of the album offering re-mastered versions of the album’s original 14 songs. “It’s weird to think those songs are that old,” he said. “They still feel as fresh to me today as when they just came out.”



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