Dave Grohl Once Jammed with Prince, But Nobody Saw It


Story by Anne Erickson

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl says he had a blast jamming with Prince a few years ago, but there’s no proof

Dave Grohl says he had the best time jamming with Prince a few years ago, only there’s no evidence to prove it. The said jam session happened while Prince was doing a residence in Los Angeles.

“Three years ago, Prince books 21 nights at the Forum (in Los Angeles),” the Foo Fighters frontman told Rolling Stone, adding that he couldn’t wait to go. “I go to the first show in a party bus with all my friends…I walk into the Forum Club and bump into somebody from a road crew I’d work(ed) with before.  He says, ‘Prince knows you’re here. He wants to jam.’”

Grohl added, “The end of the night, I’m standing next to this black curtain. I pull it back — there’s Prince with Sheila E. I go, ‘Hey, man, great show.’ He says, ‘When do you want to jam? How about Friday?’ All right, cool!”

The following week, Grohl went to the Forum to meet with Prince, but was told Prince wasn’t feeling well. Even so, just as Grohl was headed for the door, “Prince just appears,” Grohl said, and asked Grohl to sit in on drums with his band.

“We start playing. He’s got the whole band up there, throwing chord changes with his fingers, conducting the band as we’re jamming,” Grohl said. “I can’t believe this is happening. And it’s happening in a completely empty Forum. Then he puts on a guitar and starts playing (Led Zeppelin’s) ‘Whole Lotta Love’ … We do that for 10 minutes. It slays. He says, ‘We should do that, man. What are you doing next Friday?'”

“I never heard from Prince again,” Groh added. “But I swear it happened. I swear. And nobody saw it.”



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