Dave Grohl Learned About New Orleans at ‘Sonic Highways’ Filming


Story by Charles Ken

Dave Grohl says he didn’t know anything about New Orleans before filming his New Orleans ‘Sonic Highways’ episode

Dave Grohl is a fan of many musical genres, but that doesn’t mean he knows it all. Speaking with Rolling Stone, the Foo Fighters main man explains he didn’t know anything about New Orleans or jazz music before trekking to the city to make the sixth episode of the Foos’ HBO series, “Sonic Highways.”

Grohl said that before he turned on the camera with Ben Jaffe from Preservation Hall, he didn’t know anything about jazz or New Orleans. “A lot of the interviews were like that,” he said. “I’m a music nerd, but I’m not a musicologist. I love talking about music and hearing these stories, but I also love not knowing everything.”

Grohl added he wanted New Orleans to be a part of his HBO series because he marvels at the city’s “celebration of life.”

“There’s a soundtrack to that city everywhere, 24 hours a day. You’re just immersed in music,” he said. “It makes people smile and dance and drink and celebrate life.”



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