Dave Grohl: People Have Forgotten How to Rock Out


Story by Anne Erickson

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl says computers have made people forget how to rock out

Dave Grohl is notorious for carrying the banner for real, raw, rock ‘n’ roll—the kind of music that doesn’t require a computer. Now, the Foo Fighters frontman is going one step further and saying that computers have made many musicians forget something very basic: how to rock out.

“People have forgotten what it’s like to really rock out because they spend all day in front of a freakin’ computer, which they hail as the new god,” he told Red Bulletin . “They seriously think technology can make them rich, if they stumble on something new. But I’m telling you: technology might make you rich, yet it will never make you happy.”

In other news, Foo Fighters recently announced a massive 2015 summer North American tour. Grohl, staying in line with his feelings on computers, launched a “Beat the Bots Box-Office Only” pre-sale for the tour to prevent ticket scalping by making people have to physically stand in line at box offices across the country. Regular tickets will go on sale to the general public later this week.

Photo by Ringo



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