Billie Eilish Invites Dave Grohl Onstage at L.A. Show to Honor Taylor Hawkins


Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters performing amid a blue background and bright blue lights during a show in Detroit, Michigan.

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters – Story by Cat Badra, photo by Ken Settle

Dave Grohl and Billie Eilish paid tribute to the late Taylor Hawkins during a show at The Forum in Los Angeles

Billie Eilish headlined The Forum on Thursday (Dec. 15), and during the show, she invited Dave Grohl onstage to perform an acoustic duet of Foo Fighters’ popular song, “My Hero.” This wasn’t just any rendition, either. The performance was a tribute to late drummer Taylor Hawkins.

Eilish is currently on her “Happier Than Ever” tour to promote her 2021 album of the same title. Even though Eilish is a pop star, she’s also a big fan of rock and metal music. Over the years, she’s worn T-shirts onstage that honor her favorite rock and metal artists. This year during her performance at the Grammy Awards, which happened right after Hawkins’ tragic death, she honored the drummer by wearing a T-shirt with a photo of him. At the time, Grohl publicly thanked her for showing support.

As expected, Grohl’s surprise appearance at Eilish’s show as welcomed with open arms. After she introduced the Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drmmer, the crowd cheered. Grohl walked on the stage and said, “I have to say, earlier this year all of Foo Fighters and our families gathered together at my house to watch the Grammys and when Billie came out for her performance in a Taylor Hawkins T-shirt, the room was filled with real tears of love and gratitude. From our families who are here tonight — the Hawkins family and everyone would like to thank you very much for that.”

The, Grohl added, “So, let’s sing it for Taylor. This song’s called ‘My Hero,’ it sounds like this…” Grohl sang leads on the song, and Eilish stood next to him and started singing later in the track. Watch the full Dave Grohl and Billie Eilish performance below. Elsewhere during the performance, Eilish invited indie singer Phoebe Bridgers onstage to perform her chart-topping song, “Motion Sickness.”

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