Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Gets Fan Mail Meant for Incubus’ Brandon Boyd


Story by Anne Erickson

Why is Rivers Cuomo getting fan mail intended for Brandon Boyd? Even he doesn’t know

Weezer‘s Rivers Cuomo is a cool enough dude that you would think he gets a lot of fan mail, but as it turns out, he gets a lot of fan mail that’s actually intended for someone else. That other musician is Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd. For some reason, Cuomo always gets mailed addressed to him.

“I get these elaborate fan packages, only they’re not for me, they’re for the singer of Incubus, Brandon Boyd,” Cuomo told Larry King on the talk show host’s web series, Larry King Now. “The bizarre thing is it’s happened at two different houses that I’ve lived in over the years.”

He added that he “didn’t even forward it to Brandon. I should though.”

In other news, when asked about the success of Weezer’s latest album, 2014’s “Everything Will Be Alright in the End,” Cuomo said he was stunned the critics liked the new tunes, especially since he said that’s never the case.

“I’ve just kind of resigned myself, like ‘Ok, this is our fate, we’re one of those bands,’” he said regarding past negative reviews.



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