Sixx:A.M. Plan to Record New Music


Story by Anne Erickson

Nikki Sixx says his band Sixx:A.M. will get back to the studio as soon as he has some free time

Sixx:A.M. just finished up their first major headlining tour of North America, and now, the rock gents are raring to get back to the studio. According to a new post on bass player Nikki Sixx’s official Facebook page, he’s ready to start recording with the band, as soon as he gets a break from his other band, Motley Crue’s, farewell tour.

“I’ll be home 4 days before Motley (Crue) plays a couple of festivals in Europe, then back to America and into the studio with Sixx:A.M. before Motley starts our final American tour,” Sixx wrote on Facebook.

Sixx:A.M. have steadily released new music since 2007. Their most recent album was 2014’s “Modern Vintage,” which features the hit “Stars.” Even with all the new tunes, the guys had never been out on a real tour until this year. Sixx created the band as a studio-only project, but after the positive fan response to singles such as “Lies of the Beautiful People,” Sixx and the rest of the group decided Sixx:A.M. had to appear live.

For now, Sixx’s schedule is pretty packed. Motley Crue’s final American tour will set off July 16 in Anchorage, Ala., and continue through their final show New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles.



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