Nikki Sixx Says 2016 Will Bring New Music for Sixx:A.M.


Story by Cat Badra

Nikki Sixx on Sixx:A.M.: ‘We’re all committing 100% of our time to this band’

Motley Crue will play their final show New Year’s Eve, but Nikki Sixx isn’t worried about filling his time after the Crue says farewell. In fact, Sixx says the change will give him more time to focus on his other band, Sixx:A.M., and he plans to focus heavily on that band. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Sixx explained Sixx:A.M. are plotting not one but two albums for next year.

“They’ll be companion pieces, named Volume One and Volume Two, and they’ll come out with a little bit of space between them,” Sixx said. “Because when a band releases a double album, a lot of times, about halfway through the second record, you say, ‘Sounds like they ran out of gas.’ So by putting them out separately we’ll give the fans time to absorb each one fully.”

Sixx added that the themes of the albums are based off motifs found in Sixx:A.M.’s earlier tunes.

“There are tent poles that we’re working with, but they could still change,” he said. “The one thing I can say is that, in Sixx:A.M., we always connect darkness to light, whether it’s something like ‘Life is Beautiful’ or ‘This is Gonna Hurt,’ or even ‘Stars.’ There’s a lot about our own experiences in our songs, but there’s also always a light at the end of the tunnel, because we’ve lived through those experiences. And on the new material, those themes are maybe even a little bit heavier.”

Sixx:A.M. will also spend a good amount of 2016 on the road. The band toured last year, and Sixx says they can’t wait to do it again.

“We’re all committing 100% of our time to this band, and anything else that’s out there has to revolve around that,” Sixx said, adding that vocalist James Michael and guitarist DJ Ashba’s visions are the same as his. “…We want to play with anybody, anywhere we can. We’d love to headline, we’d love to be direct support, we’d love to play festivals. We’ll do acoustic gigs, radio stations, whatever. We just want to play. And that’s what we’re going to do.”



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