Weezer’s Upcoming Album Inspired by Tinder


Story by Cat Badra

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo says the dating app Tinder helped inspire the band’s new album

Rivers Cuomo did something interesting when he started writing Weezer’ upcoming album, “The White Album.” Cuomo wanted to “get out of the house,” so, of course, he joined the dating app Tinder. That makes perfect sense, right?

“My description says, ‘Not looking to hook up, just trying to have new experiences and get some ideas for songs,” Cuomo explained to Rolling Stone, when asked about his Tinder profile.

“I’m not super excited to talk to people who know that I’m in Weezer,” Cuomo added. “It’s more exciting when I find people that are interested in me as a person. When I’m in a city I’m not totally familiar with, I can meet someone on Tinder and they can take me around.”

Cuomo is happily married. He says that his significant other is “cool” with him doing the Tinder thing.

“I knew there was zero chance of him hooking up with anybody,” added Jake Sinclair, who produced “The White Album.” “But he started constantly getting out of the house and writing down all the details of what happened to him.”

Weezer’s “The White Album” will arrive on April 1.



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