Soundgarden Side Project Reissuing Debut Album


Story by Charles Ken

Soundgarden’s Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron reissuing Hater debut

Soundgarden bass player Ben Shepherd and drummer Matt Cameron had a side project called Hater back in the day, and the guys are reissuing their 1993 self-titled debut album. The reissue of the album will arrive on CD, vinyl and digital formats on July 15.

Hater’s lineup included Shepherd, Cameron, as well as former Monster Magnet guitarist John McBain, bass player John Waterman and singer Brian Wood. Brian is the brother of late Mother Love Bone vocalist Andrew Wood.

Hater broke up in 1997. Shepherd and Cameron restored the band in 2005, and the guys unleashed their sophomore studio album, “The 2nd.”

‘Hater’ Track List:

“Mona Bona Jakon”
“Who Do I Kill?”
“Tot Finder”
“Lion and Lamb”
“Down Undershoe”
“Sad McBain”

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