Soundgarden Announce 25th Anniversary ‘Badmotorfinger’ Reissue


Story by Charles Ken

Happy 25th anniversary to Soundgarden’s ‘Badmotorfinger’

Soundgarden’s “Badmotorfinger” album turns 25 today (Oct. 8), and in honor, Chris Cornell and the grunge guys are reissuing the 1991 album. The remastered version will arrive as a two-CD, two-LP and seven-disc super deluxe set on Nov. 18.

The two-CD and seven-disc “Badmotorfinger” editions will include studio outtakes, on top of the original album, plus a version of “New Damage” with Queen’s Brian May. That package also includes recordings from Soundgarden’s 1992 concert at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. The “Badmotorfinger” super deluxe collection also features music videos and additional live tracks.

Here’s the track list for Soundgarden’s “Badmotorfinger” two-CD collection.

Disc One: Original Album Remastered
“Rusty Cage”
“Slaves & Bulldozers”
“Jesus Christ Pose”
“Face Pollution”
“Searching with My Good Eye Closed”
“Room a Thousand Years Wide”
“Mind Riot”
“Drawing Flies”
“Holy Water”
“New Damage”

Disc Two: Studio Outtakes & Live
“Rusty Cage” (Studio Outtake)
“Outshined” (Studio Outtake)
“Slaves & Bulldozers” (Studio Outtake)
“Jesus Christ Pose” (Studio Outtake)
“Face Pollution” (Studio Outtake)
“Somewhere” (Studio Outtake)
“Room a Thousand Years Wide” (Studio Outtake)
“Holy Water” (Studio Outtake)
“New Damage” (with Brian May)
“Searching with My Good Eye Closed” (Live at the Paramount)
“Drawing Flies” (Live at the Paramount)
“Face Pollution” (Live at the Paramount)
“Rusty Cage” (Live at the Paramount)
“Outshined” (Live at the Paramount)
“Mind Riot” (Live at the Paramount)
“Jesus Christ Pose” (Live at the Paramount)

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