12 Stones ‘Bulletproof’ is ‘Superhuman’ – Song Review [Audio]

Review by Anne Erickson

12 Stones’ latest track takes the listener on a powerful journey

Hard rock band 12 Stones are back with their latest release, Only Human, out in 2012, their first collection of new material since 2007’s Anthem for the Underdog. The guys recently released the single, “Bulletproof,” and as the name implies, it’s a meaty, cannonball of a track just right for rock fans.

The track opens with a grinding, winding bass riff with loads of bite and growl, before the heavy guitars chime in, echoing the initial riff, twisting and turning.

Singer Paul McCoy’s crisp vocals quickly chime in, carrying a touch of distortion and just enough echo to make his voice sound, “super human,” as the lyrics depict: “The blood is in the water / The cuts no longer bring me down / Don’t you even bother / I’ve seen enough to take you down.”

After a quick verse and bridge, the chorus blasts out, with a catchy, snappy beat and quick riffs. “(Bang) I’m feeling superhuman / (Bang) I’m invincible / I’m bulletproof / (Bang) I’m on a revolution…” McCoy cries.

The bridge is a stand-out, with choppy, guitar-driven instrumentals and haunting whispers of, “Bulletproof,” throughout. The lead guitar then comes in with a snake-y, trippy solo before the chorus repeats.

12 Stones have always found strength in their personal lyrics, and this time around, the librettos take you through a journey of finding power and authority. Music-wise, the guys kept the track edgy, distinct and explosive. It’s another solid rock track from a veteran band, ready to set modern music a blaze.

Ink Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Splatters


Listen to 12 Stones’, ‘Bulletproof,’ via the player, below.

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  1. Ron
    18 Aug 2011, 3:22 pm

    Isn´t the album coming out in 2011?

    • Anne Erickson
      18 Aug 2011, 5:58 pm

      Hey, Ron, it’s actually been pushed into early 2012!

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