12 Stones Release Song Snippets Off, ‘Only Human’

Story by Anne Erickson

12 Stones give fans an early taste of songs off, ‘Only Human,’ out March 2012

12 Stones may have delayed the release of their new album until next year, but the guys aren’t skipping a beat when it comes to sharing tracks off the release and giving listeners an early taste of what’s to come. For the past week, the New Orleans-based hard rock group have released song samples off their upcoming album, Only Human, which is now slated to drop on March 27, 2012, via Executive Music Group. Released snippets, thus far, include “Shine on Me,” “Only Human,” “That Changes Everything,” “Blind,” “The One Thing,” “Someone Like You,” “Psycho” and “Bury Me.”

Listen to the just-released sample of, “Bury Me,” below. Guitarist Justin Rimer says this particular song is “special, and we all really hope a lot of people discover, hear and feel this song. Amongst the five tracks we brought in string players for, this one really stands out for me personally. I think it will touch an awful lot of people.”

As for the new release date, the band explained on their official Facebook page, “We wanted to make sure that we gave you the very best album possible, so it was important to move the date. The good news is we have a few surprises coming up that will make up for it! Thank you for understanding and we hope you enjoy all 13 samples of the album… Love to hear which ones you like the best.”

12 Stones’ current single, “Bulletproof,” is No. 1 on the CMW chart for a fifth week. The motif of the song, Rimer says, “is a missive to stand up for whatever it is that you fight for and believe in. No matter how many times you may get knocked down you have to keep fighting and allow nothing to stop you from attaining your desires.” Find Audio Ink Radio’s review of the track on the reviews page.

12 Stones’ current lineup includes Rimer, longtime vocalist Paul McCoy, guitarist Eric Weaver, drummer Michael McManus and bass player Brad Reynolds. (Photo credit: Mark Anthony Jeffries.)


Listen to a Teaser of 12 Stones’ Song, ‘Bury Me,’ Below:

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  1. joelstands
    05 Sep 2011, 8:03 pm

    where on earth is pretty poison did it make the record

    • Anne Erickson
      05 Sep 2011, 8:15 pm

      Yes, they just haven’t released the snippet yet! Thanks, Joel!

  2. joelstands
    05 Sep 2011, 8:28 pm

    okay so 13 songs will it be released tommorrow

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