Foo Fighters, Rise Against Prep for Launch of Fall Tour

By Charles Ken

Foo Fighters and Rise Against kick off fall tour on Sept. 14

Post-grunge rock kingpins Foo Fighters are finally poised to kick off their long awaited North American tour in support of, Wasting Light, the band’s current full-length. From the millisecond this tour was announced, rock fans across the country were giddy, especially since Dave Grohl and company are taking along pop-punk band Rise Against and Mariachi El Bronx. The tour hits mainly arenas throughout the states, including the major markets of Detroit, Cleveland and Columbus. It kicks off Sept. 14 in St. Paul, Minn., and closes out with a Nov. 16 gig in Boston.

If the tour is anything like the recording of, Wasting Light, it will be DIY. Grohl and the guys reportedly recorded the album in Grohl’s home studio, eschewing fancier digs for something that felt comfortable and like home.

“I’m sure most people would go and get the newest stuff and work in the nicest studio and spend a trillion dollars and just, like, try to make these computer hits,” he told MTV News. “I like that we’re a band that, when we play live, we don’t have, like, computers and stuff behind us making half of what you’re hearing. And you know what? Sometimes we suck. Sometimes it sounds like, ‘Oh, wow, that guy’s not singing in key,’ or, ‘Whoa, that guitar’s out of tune.’ And I like that, because to me, that’s rock and roll.”

From a glance at the album sales, the hand-on approach worked. Wasting Light debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart in April — their first-ever No. 1 debut — and at No. 1 in numerous other countries.Plus, the recording process was downright pleasant, as Grohl added, “the making of this album was kind of the most fun we’ve ever had making a record, because it was so laid-back.”

Foo Fighters are also on the bill to play a benefit show for Neil Young’s annual Bridge School Benefit Concert, along with Carlos Santana, Dave Matthews, Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam), Beck, Mumford and Sons and more. Tickets for the short festival go on sale on Sept. 16 via Live Nation. All of the money raised will go straight to the school, which assists kids who are disabled and have speech or communication troubles.




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