Five Finger Death Punch, ‘American Capitalist,’ Rages – Album Review


Review by Anne Erickson

Five Finger Death Punch’s new album packs throat-grating vocals and He-Man power

Five Finger Death Punch are a rare breed of metal men who seem to effortlessly steal the hearts and fist-pumps of the mainstream rock delegation. Plastered all over rock radio since 2007’s “The Bleeding,” Five Finger Death Punch carry a simple but emotionally tense flavor that shados classic Metallica-style metal, albeit with a throat-grating vocalist more emblematic of hardcore players. With American Capitalist, out today (Oct. 11), 5FDP go a step more towards an all-out metal-core assault, keeping the flame of heavy music alive with string-hugging chugga-chugga guitar rhythms, strong songwriting and a bad boy, macho attitude.

On American Capitalist, the band’s third studio release, 5FDP prove they’re anything but casual players. Their skills are snap-tight, as band members knock out complex tempo-shifts and intense guitar soloing (a la the track “Coming Down”) at ease. First single, “Under and Over It,” amalgams barking, fuming verses with a catchy, melodic chorus: “You can be me and I will be you / You can live just like a star / I’ll take my sanity, you take the fame / I’m under and over it all.”

Band members sound more confident than on 2009’s War is the Answer, as if to say, “We know who we are, and we aren’t going to tone down our temper for anyone.” Not much has changed regarding the lyrics, as FFDP delivers their characteristic in-your-face, simple accusations and pleas. Still, this isn’t naive rock, and FFDP obviously have the ability to produce more than a one-hit rock wonder.

Fans of Mudvayne and Sevendust will find lots to adore on American Capitalist, and some of the songs (ie. “100 Ways to Hate”) are even evocative of ’90s alternative metal groups like Mind Funk, blending stronger melodies than previous. While the R-rated lyrics aren’t for the kiddies, any adult who digs this band will lap it up; American Capitalist showcases several different facets of Five Finger Death Punch’s music and songwriting, and this He-Man package should solidify their prominence in the heavy music community.

Ink Rating: 4 out of 5 Guitar Gauges


Anne Erickson
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  1. james indiana
    11 Oct 2011, 5:36 pm

    This album is hard hitting! Loving it 5fdp is on top now! Awesome

  2. james indiana
    11 Oct 2011, 5:39 pm

    Yeah! This album is hard hitting 5fdp is on top now

  3. Alex Moody
    11 Oct 2011, 8:07 pm

    This album is ass kickin and i know all the words and btw Ivan Moody is my cousin! he rocks keep pushin bro!

  4. jacob
    16 Oct 2011, 8:40 am

    This album has some of the best songs i think that five finger death punch has made. These guys know how to write music man. just try to find a lot of other bands that can blend so much emotion into metal, but still keep it metal. ill keep playin this shit until i die man. 5FDP for life!

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